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What are the commonly used materials for color boxes?

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The common materials used for color boxes and the number of grams:

The common material of color box and grams: 

1. Generally divided into cardboard, pit paper, boutique packaging boxes; cardboard: generally 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 450g 

  Pit paper class: generally e, f flute the most, generally outside the color paper for the 250g powder gray, below the pit board (corrugated cardboard) Boutique packaging box class: 

  General use of gray board production, grams are generally 600g (1mm) above the gray board wrapped in paper molding; 

  Gray board according to customer demand for different grams are not the same, the general use of 950g, 1200g, 1500g for packaging; generally can also be made through the framing, made of multi-gram cardboard, such as 600g double gray board framed into a 1200g double gray board; face paper is generally double-coppered paper 128g, 157g laminated; 

2. General color box material can be divided into 2 categories: face paper, pit paper.

  Usually color box face paper commonly used (Taiwan call): gray copper, white copper, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card and so on. There are 2 types of "white on white": A) white copper; B) single copper. What they have in common is that they are white on both sides. The difference is. 

  "white copper": one side is smooth and the other side is not smooth, that is, one side has a coated surface, one side does not have a coated surface. Commonly known as the front side can be printed, the reverse side can not be printed. "Single copper": both sides have coated surface, both front and back can be printed. 

  "Gray background white board", it is the so-called "gray copper paper" that is, the front is white, can be printed, the reverse side is gray, can not be printed. 

  General white card is also "white on white" paper, but the general offer of the abbreviation, in addition to special white card, such as: platinum card, silver card, and so on.

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