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What material do you choose for your color box to look classy?

Fruit color box packaging want low cost, show grade, then recommend the use of color box, in recent years the corrugated color box printing gradually to high-grade, multi-color, high-quality, three-dimensional sense of strong, strong visual effect of the direction of the development of multi-color color dot printing to achieve the printing of beautiful, bright, real effect. Replacement of transportation packaging with commodity packaging. Replace the box board with white board kraft card. Make color carton packaging with bright colors, beautiful, glossy and other characteristics.   Choose high quality color box color box, it is recommended to consider from these aspects   First of all, the color box is hard enough, anti-drop, anti-pressure using special hard KK carton through the pressure test, even if the harsh conditions, but also anti-drop and anti-pressure! Can effectively withstand the fruit and food logistics courier transportation on the way to the barbaric distribution, reduce the damage in transit, reduce the high after-sales costs.   Different layers of color box, the corresponding compression resistance, cushioning is also different!   The number of layers of color box has three, five, seven layers, the common is three and five layers.   In addition, the production process of the color box is also more important, using imported beer machine to cut the edge of the edge is very neat and beautiful.





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