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Jiujiang famous enterprises one by one look at ⑥|Gowell Color Printing: innovative attitude to respond to market demand, sitting steadily at the forefront of the industry

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Enterprises are the mainstay of social wealth creation. Entrepreneurs are the leaders of enterprise development. In Jiujiang, Nanhai, the hinterland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area, the real economy is active, focusing on the development of high-end medical and healthcare industries, new materials industry, advanced equipment manufacturing industry, green smart home industry, big health industry and other industrial clusters.

      Enterprises are the mainstay of social wealth creation. Entrepreneurs are the leaders of enterprise development. In Jiujiang, South China Sea, the hinterland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area, the real economy is active, focusing on the development of high-end medical and health care industry, new materials industry, advanced equipment manufacturing industry, green smart home industry, health industry and other industrial clusters.

      Enterprises here are deeply engaged in their main business and are thriving; entrepreneurs here are bold and courageous, striving to be the first, and constantly contributing to the high-quality development of Jiujiang.

        Starting from June 30, 2022, Pearl River Times will launch a series of reports on "Jiujiang Famous Enterprises One by One", focusing on Jiujiang's local famous enterprises in depth, visiting the secrets of their success and struggles, experiencing Jiujiang's open and tolerant business environment, and searching for the new vitality and new kinetic energy of Jiujiang's economic development.


 In the color printing and packaging industry for 33 years of deep-rooted Gowell color printing, "customers above quality first" belief has won the favor of the market, Guangdong Province, a number of large groups, listed companies in the pharmaceutical packaging are used in the Gowell color printing, with an annual output of 1.5 billion packaging cartons.



The showroom of Gaowei Color Printing is full of honors.

33 years of deep plowing in packaging field
        Guangdong, as the frontier and window of China's reform and opening up, has experienced rapid economic development. Nanhai, as an important member of the Greater Bay Area, saw a large number of village-level industrial parks in the 1980s and 1990s, as those who were brave enough to take the "crab" began to start their own businesses and get rich. Shatou, as the most concentrated area of the printing industry, is one of the enterprises founded by Li Zuxiong, chairman and general manager of Gowell Color Printing.

Li Zuxiong introduces related products.

       "The printing industry is developing rapidly, we just need to put our heads down and work hard to make good results." In 1989, Li Zuxiong rented a silkworm house in Shijiang community to provide the market with goods supporting packaging services. "At first, we only did small hardware packaging and tire packaging." Li Zuxiong said, but due to the small hardware packaging, tire packaging industry packaging requirements are not high, the threshold is low, the market is gradually saturated, the dividend is no longer.

The showroom is full of products.

        In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, Gowell Color Printing spent a huge sum of money to buy a used Beiren printing equipment that was advanced in China in that year, and Gowell Color Printing began to shift to do daily chemical packaging. "We can send out several big trucks a day, and our tax revenue is growing in high digits every year." Although looking at a good order, but Li Zuxiong always face the changes in the market as if walking on thin ice, "the market wind and clouds change a lot, we need to do, is always with a market-oriented perspective, service diversification of the field of goods."


In 2006, the former State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) began to implement electronic monitoring of drugs, requiring traceability of drugs. Gowell Color Printing, which has been supporting packaging boxes for drugs, keenly felt that the implementation of this policy will set off waves in the pharmaceutical industry, which will be a major change in drug packaging.

       In 2007, the domestic drug supervision code assignment code or a blank, Li ZuXiong led the process of figuring out together, on the code spraying equipment, so that highway color printing become the first batch of can provide drug electronic supervision code assignment code enterprise. At that time, Gowell color printing has attracted a lot of drug package customers to consult, many enterprises have become its later all the way down the partner.

       Because Li ZuXiong always respond to market demand with innovation, Gowell Color Printing has always been sitting at the forefront of the enterprise position, with the production of all kinds of color boxes 1.5 billion, is a star brand enterprise in Guangdong Province, Guangdong's first printing top 100 enterprises list; is the Foshan City, the leading enterprise in the industry, the manufacturing industry, the invisible champions enterprise.

Intelligent Intelligent Manufacturing



Paper, laminating, molding, slitting, stacking ...... In the cardboard production workshop of Goway Color Printing, we only see two color box production lines and all the printing and packaging production lines have been fully opened, due to the high degree of automation, there are only fewer workers in the operation, the process is completed in one go and come out with a beautifully printed medicine packaging box. On the other side of the workers are skillfully packing, waiting for loading shipment.

       Gowell Color Printing mainly produces high-definition color printing cartons, offset printing boxes, bags, stickers and other four series of products, covering food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, exports and other fields. Founded 33 years ago, Gowell Color Printing, based on specialization, has always anchored on innovation, and has continuously updated equipment, upgraded production lines, improved product quality, and pushed the development of the enterprise to achieve steady improvement.

       No matter what industry, as long as it has high and new technology, the enterprise's anti-risk ability will be significantly improved. Behind the professional packaging capabilities, exquisite packaging, can not be separated from the fine craftsmanship, fine craftsmanship needs advanced equipment to strongly support.

       "You can see, in our production workshop in Goway, every day there are so many multi-color Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 machine group 'domineering' start, a few years ago, we have begun to step by step to eliminate the old machine, while introducing new machines, these exquisite packaging is from our production line A steady stream of these beautiful packages are coming down from our production line and into everyone's life."

High degree of automation.

        "The traditional printing industry, must be constantly updated to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises with intelligence." Li ZuXiong laughingly claimed to introduce, before the intelligent transformation, there are many workers on the production line, feeding, discharging, packing and many other aspects of manual labor. Today, automatic equipment, automatic production line has been the dirtiest and most difficult job to the package.

         There is an old saying in the packaging and printing industry: five poor, six desperate seven hanged. It means that in the twelve months of the year, the orders and sales in May, June and July will reach the lowest, that is, the off-month and off-season. In Gowell Color Printing, thanks to the process innovation, intelligent transformation, the order month after month.

        Nowadays, Gowell Color Printing has started to develop overseas market, after a series of efforts, Foshan Gowell's products have been shipped to Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, and even more regions and countries.

        At present, in 2021, Gowell Color Printing will produce 1.5 billion high-grade paper bags, cartons and color boxes, realizing an output value of more than 300 million yuan, and has become a first-class comprehensive packaging enterprise in Guangdong, and a hardcore supplier of exquisite packaging for the world's top 500 pharmaceutical companies, China Traditional Chinese Medicine and other famous pharmaceutical companies.

Actively fulfill corporate responsibility

        On the 30th day of New Year in 2020, when the new coronavirus epidemic was getting more and more serious, Xiangxue anti-virus oral solution was completely off the market. After receiving the order from Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, faced with no raw materials, staff vacation and other difficulties, Li Zuxiong still decided to resume part of the production, called the local staff to return to work, to ensure that the Xiangxue antiviral oral liquid can be produced smoothly. "Fighting the epidemic, only a united front can overcome the difficulties." Li Zuxiong said.

        Production began in the afternoon of January 25, 2020 (the first day of the Lunar New Year). Due to the suddenness of the incident, a lot of raw materials were not stocked and had to be used in large quantities, resulting in a certain amount of waste. However, the company does not count the cost, and the staff, regardless of pay, give up the Spring Festival holiday, overtime to catch up with the drug packaging, to relieve the difficulties of pharmaceutical companies, and to share the country's worries.

        Ms. Su, administrative staff of Gowell Color Printing, said that on the first day of the Lunar New Year, nearly 50 employees went to the factory floor to put into production, and nearly 10 million boxes were sent to drug companies every day. "Everyone had no complaints and signed up to come back to work." At present, Gaowei Color Printing has become a key enterprise in Guangdong Province to protect the production of epidemic prevention.

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